SOBA / The Room

animated film, 5 min, 2011.
director: Ivana Jurić
A hotel room. A woman doll is waiting for the call from her lover doll. His arrival and their sexual intercourse are like a ritual for her, wihch takes her into a floating, pleasing state of mind. She opens herself to the man through sex, while the man doll considers it all as relieving himself, after which he just vanishes into thin air. The doll remains alone in the empty room, dissapointed and hurt.

Director:Ivana Juric
Producer:Hrvoje Pervan
Script:Ivana Juric
Animation:Ivana Juric
Music:Nikola Kovac and Luka Belani
Art director:Fedor Fischer
production company:KINORAMA
duration: 5 min
animation technique: stop motion
screening format:  digital beta, dvd
aspect ratio: 4:3
sound: stereo
dialogues: -
subtitles: English